Re: EMC 07 Leaflets

ian hope

Maidstone, Brats, Both not apearing, Echelford is showing as being in Cliffe, near gravesend on the Map.
And neither Maidstone, Brats or Invicta Contest group can login to alter anything.
Have submitted various help desk issues to Rob

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Subject: Re: [RSGB-Workshop] EMC 07 Leaflets
Ian, I knew that RSGB Members Login hasn't been working for almost a month but didn't know clubs weren't showing up on Club Finder.
Do you have any examples of clubs that have submitted information but are missing?
The only Club Finder problem I was aware of is some clubs appearing in the wrong location such as the Wirral ARS G3NWR showing as being near Louth in Lincolnshire.
73 Trevor M5AKA
On Friday, 3 January 2020, 08:43:25 GMT, ian hope <ian@...> wrote:
Club login hasn't worked in weeks, nor do a lot of clubs apear in clubfinder, there is a know IT issue
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Subject: Re: [RSGB-Workshop] EMC 07 Leaflets
"Test I would do on site in this case is, to remove the bonding temporary, and do a resistance check between the MET and Pipe if less than 22k Ohms it needs bonding.
 Thanks for that -nice easy test; R should be low as it's 22mm copper straight to the boiler whch also has bonded coldwater feed and cu, C/H pipes.
We don't, AFAIK, have PME, but if we did, open neutral fault currents anywhere near a gas system would worry the hell out of me...

"advanced is here,
Again, thanks

It's extremely well hidden - putting the exact title into the Search box at the top of the home page returns nothing. Similarly, I can't even find the page with all the leaflets on it; certainly not under publications, without a specific link.  Not helpful to the user at all.

Also, club membership login to the members area has been down for some weeks, despite raising a helpdesk ticket 2nd week in dec and speaking to IT....
Seems the rsgb website needs a lot of attention


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