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Peter Chadwick

>>>my 210X helped save many lives.<<<

Probably so would an FT7B or many other rigs.....

It's just that the advertising demonstrated either a total ignorance of receiver parameters or relied on amateurs not knowing sufficient about the technicalities. Plus you weren't in an HF environment that was limited by receiver phase noise.

The one I tested was unstable on 21MHz in any realistic load via its ATU although stable into 50+ j0. Even when the load on 21MHz was 50+j0, it would still go unstable on other frequencies when set to 21 MHz with loads that were not 50 + j0 at other frequencies.

The designer obviously hadn't read the article in Electronics Design magazine in 1975 about non 50+j0 ohm loads at other frequencies and stability....

vy 73

Peter G3RZP

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Peter : True, but at the time, despite phase noise,
my 210X helped save many lives.

Michael 2E0IHW

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Ah! The Atlas 210. The rig that boasted about its crystal filter but couldn't use the full stop band close in because of phase noise!
Peter G3RZP
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The ATLAS 210X, for example, offered a flexible solution:-

5645 kHz 8-pole crystal IF filter + two carrier oscillator crystals,
switchable to either side of the IF for "normal" or "opposite" sideband.

This was very helpful when netting with fixed-channel
medical services in Africa.

Michael 2E0IHW

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