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Peter : True, but at the time, despite phase noise,
my 210X helped save many lives.

Michael 2E0IHW

On 09/10/2019 15:37, Peter Chadwick via Groups.Io wrote:
Ah! The Atlas 210. The rig that boasted about its crystal filter but couldn't use the full stop band close in because of phase noise!
Peter G3RZP
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From: "Michael.2E0IHW via Groups.Io" <blumu=btinternet.com@groups.io>
The ATLAS 210X, for example, offered a flexible solution:-
5645 kHz 8-pole crystal IF filter + two carrier oscillator crystals,
switchable to either side of the IF for "normal" or "opposite" sideband.
This was very helpful when netting with fixed-channel
medical services in Africa.
Michael 2E0IHW

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