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Paul Randall G3NJV

New joiners attracted by the lights Andy?

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39 Posts to this thread now - it must be time to call it a day.  The sheer number of emails must be getting irritating to some
At least , please no more off topic posts (lights in the sender hall comes to mind !)
Shan't lock it yet - we need the geographical arithmetic error to be accepted :-)

Quite a lot of new joiners today - several WITH NO IDENTIFIABLE CALLSIGN

On Wed, 9 Oct 2019 at 18:03, Peter Torry via Groups.Io <peter.torry=talktalk.net@groups.io> wrote:

I like the light fitting in the sender hall, would be very acceptable nowadays.


Peter   G3SMT

On 09/10/2019 15:58, Paul Randall G3NJV wrote:
Yes Peter, spot on!
I guess the frequency generating practice I described must have been pretty universal since everyone globally would have been using the same technology. Something around 3MHz for the modulated channel to give a chance of seperating the mixer products and crystals of 3 to 9 MHz, the AT cut?

So now for a bit of nostalgia, one picture of "C" station at Ongar with the four hammerhead antenna masts of 56kHz GLP20 in the background, framed by the legs of an Eiffel tower shaped mast for another long wave transmitter.
The second shot is captioned "original Marconi installation at Ongar" possibly taken around 1930. The earliest transmitters circa 1924 were laid out as if on a breadboard, with airport style "tape" barriers around them. Later they were boxed up to reduce the shock hazard.
Excuse the sideways pictures, the groups site insists on turning them whatever I do.
Paul G3NJV

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