Re: Saginaw tower

Jerry Storrs

It probably was in DFW area.  That is quite possible.

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No one is claiming the WFAA report has all their facts correct!

Re: Saginaw tower

Dennis Hogan

No one is claiming the WFAA report has all their facts correct!

Re: Saginaw tower

Jerry Storrs

I thought Flatonia was manual control.  I thought it was the last time I was there.  It operated longer than Saginaw.  Old fart's disease probably has me all screwed up.

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A WFAA film report from 1976:
Saginaw tower

Saginaw tower

Dennis Hogan

A WFAA film report from 1976:
Saginaw tower

Passenger Trains of Texas-Burlington Route


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have had ten cases of my new Burlington Route book drop shipped directly to my daughter in OKC to make sure that I would have some in time for the OKC Train Show this weekend.

I'm happy to report that they were delivered yesterday so if you pre-ordered a copy, and if you are planning on attending the OKC Train Show this weekend you can come by and pick up your copy in person. I'll also be giving a refund for shipping.

If you are planning on coming to the show and want to pick up you book please do two things. First, please let me know so that I can put your name on a "Will Call" list. Second, please present an ID to Marsha so that she can mark your name off the list.

It's a great book. 184 pages of passenger operations on the old Fort Worth & Denver.

See everyone at OKC this weekend.


December 2011 southeastern Louisiana images

James Robichaux

Here is a set of images from 10 years ago this month, showing some Amtrak, UP, BNSF, and SP 745 action in southern Louisiana.

While I am here, here are some extra images on Facebook from November 2011.

A BNSF Railway manifest train crossing Bayou Des Allemands and passing a boater at dusk on the 12th:

The tail end of a BNSF Railway train by a Louisiana & Delta Railroad locomotive on the 13th:

The second-to-last time that I photographed NOGC GP7s in action, on the 14th:

The Chip Local with just tank cars in Paradís on the 15th:

The last time that I photographed NOGC GP7s in action, on the 17th:

KCS's Baton Rouge Turn in Metairie on the 21st:

One of my favorite pictures of Chip smiling while working, as he is about to talk on the radio as he backs some sand cars into Raceland Junction on the 22nd:

Several pictures of the UP Chip Local working on November 23:

crossing the Atchafalaya River: 

stopping at Patterson Tubular to pick up some pipe gondola cars:

sprinting and glinting out of the setting sun as he arrives in Schriever:

meeting a westbound BNSF Railway manifest train with a whiteface SD60M leading:

Three clean new Ferromex locomotives leading a westbound BNSF Railway manifest train out of the siding at Schriever on the 27th:



Re: Monterrey-San Antonio passenger service?


I recall chasing the Amtrak Test Train from SAT to LRD.  It was a grey and rainy day.  The train moved along well, but then sat for hours in LRD and i don't think it every crossed into Mexico.  It was a disaster and not repeated.  The traffic pattern on the bridge is one problem. But the biggest one is clearing customs.   It could be done in SAT and the train 'sealed'. Or enroute.   But there seems to be no inclination to do so.    

Norm Schultze 

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Seems to me this was kicked around in the early 1990s.
Monterrey-to-San Antonio passenger rail service

Monterrey-San Antonio passenger service?

Dennis Hogan

Seems to me this was kicked around in the early 1990s.
Monterrey-to-San Antonio passenger rail service

WBT&S report

Dennis Hogan

Here's an archived script for a 1954 WBAP report on the WBT&S:
WBT&S feature on WBAP

TexAmericas Center

Dennis Hogan

Changes reported from headquarters at New Boston TX:
Lone Star Railcar Storage Co.

The Choctaw Route - Book Update

Barton Jennings

The Choctaw Route - Book Update

I have had several people ask me about the status of The Choctaw Route book which came out last week. Thanksgiving week is probably not the best time to bring a book out as there have been several delays in shipping. Here is what I know as of today....

[1] Ron’s Books - The shipment is on the way and should be there next week. Ron’s ordered a second shipment today because the first one is basically sold out. If you heard that they were sold out, don’t worry as more are on the way.

[2] Amazon - They shipped a number of books before Thanksgiving, but were very slow over Thanksgiving and the weekend. Some of the books handled today (11/29) were actually ordered on Monday a week ago (11/22). Their policy of handling Prime orders first may have impacted some of these orders. Those who ordered several of my books, no matter the title, seemed to also get priority.

[3] McMillan Publications - If you like to buy your books from Joe McMillan, please let him know if you want the book. Joe is planning to make an order, so letting him know your interest will help him determine how many to buy.

[4] Chapters on Main at Van Buren, Arkansas - This independent bookstore handles many of my books near home. They will (should) be getting their first shipment this Friday (12/3). From Friday (12/3) through Wednesday (12/8). I will be working across the street at the former Frisco depot, helping with the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Christmas trains, so book signings are possible. I recommend that you call them to have a book held if you are driving in.

[5] Other bookstores - We do not have the books at Ingram yet for distribution to other bookstores, retail stores, etc. This will probably happen mid-December, so if you want to wait to get the book through your local bookstore, please be patient.

Thanks everyone....

Barton Jennings

Re: [LRMRG] Baton Rouge industry formerly railroad served


The Illinois Central referred to the location as Sharp station, milepost 7.9 on the Baton Rouge to Hammond line.

See also


Saludos, Todd Minsk
Hanover, NH USA

Texas & Louisiana Lines (SP) map

Dennis Hogan

From Save Texas History:
T&L Lines (SP) map

March 26 - Delta Heritage Trail Book Signing and Artifact I.D. Day

Barton Jennings

Delta Heritage Trail Book Signing and Artifact I.D. Day
at the Delta Heritage Trail State Park Visitor Center - Barton, Arkansas
March 26, 2022 at 1pm-4pm

The Delta Heritage Trail State Park is having an Artifact I.D. Day on Saturday, March 26, 2022. This event allows individuals to bring in artifacts that they have questions about, and the staff of the Arkansas Archeological Survey of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff will try to identify the artifact and explain its use or history.

As a part of the event, I will be doing a signing of my book about the railroad and community histories of the Delta Heritage Trail. This book involved a great deal of research into the line and some of the artifacts found along the route. The park’s visitor center sells the books, so proceeds support the state parks of Arkansas.

For more information, you can call the park at 870-572-2352.

Hope to see some of you there!

Bart Jennings

Pink locomotive

Dennis Hogan

Re: [LRMRG] Baton Rouge industry formerly railroad served

Michael Palmieri

These are remnants of a government installation which was first established by the U.S. Army in 1942 as the BATON ROUGE ENGINEER DEPOT, and it consisted of over 700 acres located on both sides of the 2600-block of North Sherwood Forest Drive.  The Army used the area as a processing, storage and repair depot for clothing, tools, web gear, tents, wiring, fencing, posts, and heavy construction equipment during World War II and the Korean War, and then the Air Force occupied the site 1955-1960.  The General Services Administration and then the Defense Logistics Agency used it between 1960 and 2005 for the storage of strategic materials including gasoline and diesel fuel, bauxite, tin, antimony, vanadium pentoxide, lead, transformers, and asbestos. In 1992, the Federal government began selling off the stockpiled commodities, as well as the property.  After Hurricane Katina, the remaining area was used for storage by FEMA.  The last 128.5 acres was advertised for bid by the General Services Administration on 9 July 2020, but I don't know who owns it now.

Mike Palmieri - Fort Worth, Texas

Re: [LRMRG] Baton Rouge industry formerly railroad served

Gerald Hook

Whatever it was, was on the IC’s Baton Rouge to Hammond line, and since it was over there and not open to reciprocal switching, I never wasted time to check it out.


Gerald A. Hook – Russellville, AR

KCS Sales Manager – Baton Rouge (1986-98)


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Intermodal or early trans load facility. 

Tom Roise


On Nov 25, 2021, at 10:48 AM, James Robichaux <robichauxenterprises.jr@...> wrote:

Good morning, and happy Thanksgiving.


What was here, with all of the tracks?


It almost looks like an intermodal facility!


I'm surprised that I hadn't noticed it until now.







Burlington book update


My “Passenger Trains of Texas-Burlington Route” book has been printed.

I have not heard yet when it is scheduled to arrive here but I’m guessing sometime later this week.

When I find out more I’ll pass it on.


Re: [kcsnotes] Mexican regulatory approval for CP+KCS merger

James Robichaux

I don't know, as long as UP doesn't get control of the old TFM, I still think that the old TFM would feed much of its traffic to KCS, and it already feeds plenty of traffic to UP now.

In fact, I think that I recall reading recently that CP-KCS shouldn't affect the quantity of traffic that KCSM feeds to UP at the border now, and that is part of what made me wonder what a TFM-less CP-KCS merger would be like.

It would still put CP right on the Mexican border and, thus, allow it a stronger position than CN, NS, and CSX for Mexican traffic, but because it would not go into Mexico, it would have to compete more with those three carriers, thus making garnering US regulatory approval easier.


On Fri, Nov 26, 2021 at 7:04 PM John Beaulieu <johnb11398@...> wrote:
It would put the deal back to square one. CP would probably still be interested in KCS, but the question is at how much lower price. If KCS doesn't control KCSdeM how much traffic could KCS get from the Mexican border, I think not very much.

John Beaulieu

[kcsnotes] Mexican regulatory approval for CP+KCS merger

James Robichaux

This makes me wonder, had the Mexican regulatory bodies rejected the CP+KCS merger, might CP and-or KCS still try to pursue a merger between the CP and the US portion of the KCS, splitting off the KCSM?
If so, the new railroad would look quite similar to the contemporary CN, which would still be the stronger railroad, but still less so than it is now.



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Date: Fri, Nov 26, 2021 at 1:24 PM
Subject: [kcsnotes] Mexican regulatory approval for CP+KCS merger
To: MEXLIST <>, KCSnotes <>

Canadian Pacific Railway Limited and Kansas City Southern today announced that they have received the required regulatory pre-transaction control approvals from the Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission (“COFECE”) and the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (“IFT”) for the previously announced proposed combination of KCS and CP.

The transaction remains subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions, including approval from stockholders of both companies. CP’s and KCS’ stockholders are scheduled to vote on the proposed transaction on Dec. 8 and 10, 2021, respectively.

Lowell G. McManus
Eagle Pass, Texas, USA

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