Re: RS: 83 cars-1Dash 9 Etc.

Bill Wasinger

The paint in the 4400 series seems to be uniformly
bad. I've seen 4447 and 4449 recently through the Red
Rock sub looking just as you described. The fade
almost looked like they've been lightly sandblasted or
lightly sprayed with paint thinner!~)

--- wrote:

About 11:05AM CDT today BNSF#4450 which I believe is
a less than 2 year
old Dash 9-44CW needs a warranty paint job. A
ghostly albino color with
an orange tint. But plenty of spunk. It was pulling
83 covered hoppers
on empty potash train U BNTCRL by itself. Would have
loved to hear that
pulling Yarboro Hill!!!

Conroe siding was crowded at about 6:10PM with
Conroe local still
waiting to go South. Died again?? And the
SlotMachines were pulling in
at MP193.

ATSF,308735,E,TEMPLE ,TX,TA,06152001,162800,BNSF
,NM,06182001,050844,ED,CARLSBAD ,NM,,,U BNTCRL1
13,084,,,,, ,,

Bob Smith
At MP 198 UP Palestine Sub.
And Close to MP 72.1 BNSF Conroe Sub.
Conroe, Tx.

Lots of pictures at:

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