Re: RS: Runaway: Cop shooting at it

Bill Wasinger

Can we please take the cop-bashing off-list? Just as
it was originally reported that the engineer suffered
a heart attack, it was "reported" that a police
officer fired his weapon at the engine and I've seen
no further confirmation of that. If it happened, yes
it was a dumb thing to do, but in my eyes the actions
of one should not reflect on the work of every other
police officer. I mean no disrespect to anyone and
everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as I see
it, this topic has strayed from the original thread,
which was out of RS territory to begin with. Thanks!

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In a message dated 5/17/01 8:02:32 PM !!!First
Boot!!!, Lorija799 writes:

<< Subj: Re: RS: Runaway: Cop shooting at it
Date: 5/17/01 8:02:32 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: Lorija799

there is a theory that most cops got their ears
thumped in high school and
it gave them a complex. Without a badge, gun , and
uniform, they couldn't
get a woman. Reckon if the cop told everybody to
show him their" dreyben'
luyscieunces"? >>

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