Re: RS: TRE route in to Downtown Fort Worth.

Bill Wasinger

Mike and RSers
What's the timetable for completion of this line? Is
it this fall or fall 2002? Or have I just made up
those dates completely!~)


--- MIKE MURRAY <> wrote:
There has been all kinds of speculation about the
TRE route into Downtown Fort Worth and how is was
going to get through Tower 55.

Well I now know. It is not even going close to Tower

The old RI track comes under the BN and UP (OLD T&P)
then turns southward up the hill towards Tower 55.
Just west of the under pass there is a sign
identifying this as 6th Street Junction. The TRE
route is taking off to the southwest just west of
this underpass. They already have a channel cut with
concrete walls on either side of it. It is going
under the SF lines. The new bridge on the SF lines
is in place and trains are operating over it. The
channel stops just on the west side of the SF tracks
for now but at this point it is curving and is
running also south. It will either pass through or
under the Tindall Storage building at 7th and Grove.
The channel picks up again on the south side of the
street on the south side of the Tindall building.
This point is just north of the new Transit Center
being built. It will pass the Transit Center on an
unhill grade and run east of the old SF Depot. At
the south end of the cover for the SF Depot
passenger tracks it turns southwest across what was
I-30 on a new bridge. The first 2 sections of this
bridge are in place. The rest will be soon. It turns
in on the north side of the UP tracks to the old T&P
station so the only tracks it will affect are the
old RI tracks.
It will pass under the north south BN, UP & SF
tracks, pass north west of Tower 55 and north of the
east west UP tracks so...

The south leg of the Y where the old RI tracks met
the tracks to Peach yard and Tower 55 is gone right
now to be rebuilt I guess.

They have completed a lot of work.


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