Train nee Tornado Chase

Bill Wasinger

As a large blanket of cirrus clouds precluded any
daylight convective development, today's highly
anticipated turned into an unplanned day of train
chasing. I had an inkling the train gods were on our
side today (even if the storm gods weren't) when we
spotted a northbound UP M train on the Enid sub while
leaving Okarche, OK. A pause in Watonga, OK gave me
an opportunity to check out a caboose number on the
AT&L for Roger K. From there, it was west to Higgins,
TX and the BNSF transcon.

We picked up the Panhandle sub at about 5:00 p.m. and
I think we may have just caught the end of a
maintenance window as we we spotted 5 eastbounders
(M, V, G, and Z) between Higgins and Canadian. The
highlight was the eastbound Z with 8 DASH-9s, a GP60B,
and a yellow bonnet SD40 on the point. No evidence of
the Friday blow over/derail at Clear Creek, btw.
Dinner at DQ in Canadian and a pause by the tracks
gave us another eastbound Z, V, and M train before we
hit the road.

Finally, passing back through Okarche on the way in,
we spotted a northbound M that was cut for the
crossings, that sported CSX DASH-8 5934 on the
point. The northbound crew was DOL and I also managed
to catch a southbound M train with SP 8337 (I think)
SD-40-2T on the point.

All in all, a nice batch of lemonade for an overall
lemon of a day!


Oklahoma - Our tornadoes go to F6!

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