Re: RS: Longview tonight

chuck harris <harris491@...>

That's what I thought too. Is usually a truck such as
U-haul. All kinds of blinking lights and warning signs
"low clearance". Sometimes they can deflate tires and
back out. Apparently not tonight as line is still blocked.


Howard Bingham wrote:

At 11:12 PM 4/10/01 -0500, chuck harris wrote:

The low underpass on South Green St. west claimed another
"victum" tonight when a bus was too tall for the structure and
is stuck under it.

A BUS........?

That's weird..

Howard Bingham

Rock train westbound, (R-PKCU) can't
go across the underpass until M of W checks it out.
1105 PM bus still stuck. Nothing moving west.

814 PM ALDBH Northbound off Palestine Sub
UP 9115 UP 3666 SP 5393
TFM 20071 UP 961108
88 cars stopped 821 pm deptd 836 pm

945 PM G-EBWPO (?) Northbound off Palestine Sub
SSW 9699 UP 4828
CNW 480804 UP 88966
about 65 cars mty grain train by 848 PM

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