OCPD meets UP

Bill Wasinger

Saw this in today's Daily Oklahoman. We've all heard
of "Officer On The Train"...Here we almost had a case
of Officer *Under* A Train!~) What's more amazing is,
although the track is rated for 25 mph, its rare these
trains exceed 15. You almost have to try to get hit.
Just a case of perfect (or imperfect) timing I guess.
Glad the officer will be OK however!


Train collides with police car, hurting officer

By Jean Plumberg
Staff Writer

An Oklahoma City police car flipped into a ditch after
colliding with a train near NE 4
and Lottie Avenue about 10 p.m. Friday.

The unidentified officer was in fair condition late
Friday at Presbyterian Hospital,
officials said.

As he was driving west on NE 4, the six-car Union
Pacific Railroad train struck the
squad car in an intersection lacking crossbars and
lights, said police Capt. Jeffrey Becker.

The car flipped across the tracks and landed on its
roof in a ditch. Firefighters cut into
the car to free the two-year member of the force,
Becker said.

The officer was en route to a burglary, Becker said.
Officials did not know how fast he
was driving.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Oklahoma - Our tornadoes go to F6!

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