Oddities from the Red Rock sub

Bill Wasinger

Spent the afternoon in and around Edmond, OK on the
Red Rock sub today and had the opportunity to see many
trains. Didn' have the chance to get unit numbers and
trace cars in most cases, but I did manage to catch a
few oddball units I thought might warrant mention.

The first was UP 7177 AC4400CW leading an eastbound
grain empty with a BN C30-7 and pumpkin DASH-9
trailing @ 13:02

Later, caught a pumpkin DASH-9 on the point of an
eastbound Z that was notable for its AC panel. While
I've seen many of the pumpkin orange panels on
Warbonnets, this was the first Heritage unit I've seen
with a Warbonnet AC panel. With the Warbonnet red
with silver and yellow stripes, it looked very out of

And finally, my favorite was the trailing yellow
Warbonnet unit on a westbound grain that sported what
I think was either a comment about the engine, the
merger, or the company. While it had the BNSF
re-number stencil under the cab window, strangely the
N and the F were missing, leaving of course,
only B S

Never a dull moment on the railroad I guess!


Oklahoma - Our tornadoes go to F6!

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