Kodacrome BNSF 5176 in DFW area

Erich S Houchens <eshouchens@...>

The BNSF 5176 shows to be on the U-CAKTOM1-23 at Teague at 1230 on
03/25. The BNSF 4786 is in the lead on this train with the BNSF 4658 2nd
and the BNSF 5176 as the 3rd unit. The electrical problems the unit
suffered earlier were not enough to sideline (whiteline) it at the GE
graveyard at Lincoln. Still, as with any old GE, this could always be
it's last trip. So get those shot now....

U-CAKTOM1-23A TEAGUE 0325 1230 TA E C 50 50 100% 0 27 0 N
BNSF 4786

Erich S Houchens
Fort Worth, Texas

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