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Bill Wasinger

And to throw a bit more confusion and question into
the mix, I saw the FTWGAL through OKC a couple weeks
ago, though it was an M train, not an H

--- Ted Ferkenhoff <> wrote:
Is anyone entirely sure that the H-DYTGAL replaces
the H-HOUGAL? While I
spotted the H-HOUGAL9-25 today, and it is a
Sunday.....BNSF also ran an
H-HOUGAL9-24 yesterday (Saturday). There was also
an H-HOUGAL9-22
(Thursday). The H-HOUGAL has been getting out of
New South Yard around 10
a.m. daily, and using the ex-SP Harrisburg Line to
West Jct., then the ex-SP
Glidden Sub (Sunset Route) to Tower 17/Rosenberg
where it gets on BNSF

What route does the H-DYTGAL use? Perhaps the
H-DYTGAL is purely an
extension of the H-HOUGAL on days when chemical
traffic out of Dayton is
heavy enough to justify originating a train other
than the roadswitcher jobs
which normally serve Dayton?

Ted Ferkenhoff
Missouri City, TX

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From: <>
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 11:31 PM
Subject: RS: Fw: Train symbols

Terry, the H-DYTGAL is a replacement for the
H-HOUGAL. It originates in
Dayton Yard at Houston on the UP. It runs daily
except Sunday. good
catch on that, I hadn't seen it yet. The
Sommerville train is a bit of a
mystery. There is a M-TULSVL that runs 6 days per
week, but it still
shows to terminate at Temple. I don't quite
understand the Sommerville
symbol when the schedule terminates at Temple. I
need to check into this
some more.


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