Re: Ditch Lights

Doug Andreasen

Some of the early BN SD70MACs did have alternating ditchlights.   There are at least a few YouTube videos that show this phenomenon.    From what I have derived, it wasn't some fixed number series.  I used to have a list of "known flashers" so I can try to dig that up if anyone is interested.

And  yes BN also experimented (late 80s) with xenon strobes similar to ditchlights.  I have read it was Tiger GP50's, some LMX, some SD40-2's.   My research says they were expensive to operate and maintain/replace, and also they didn't meet the FRA lumens requirements for ditchlights.   So not only were they not adopted, they were theoretically replaced before the FRA mandate for ditchlights. (1997?  And yes, I believe I have seen at least one exception to that, so no need to call me out on that.)

To the questions...I would just be throwing educated guesses.  I think (a) on always, and (b) flash only at crossings. (if they flash at all)

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