Fall Plano Area Media-Slide Show & NRHS Open House 2022

Skip Waters

(Please forward to your rail friends)

REMINDER - Railspotters and Railfriends are invited to the 

Fall Plano Area Media-Slide Show & NRHS Open House 2022!

This Saturday night (October 1st) from 6:00 till 9:00 p.m.

The show will be held at:

Interurban Railway Museum
901 East 15th Street
Plano, TX 75074

Admission is FREE to the slide show!

May LIMITED TO 25 GUESTS - get there early!

We will pass the HAT for PIZZA and have it delivered midway through the show!

We want to START THE SHOW at 6:00 pm sharp after a brief
announcement, so try to get there a few minutes early.  
We can host up to 25 guests and we expect to fill every seat.

We have 3 presenters lined up.  WE COULD USE A FEW MORE...

Subjects will include in no particular order:

Jerry Nunn - digital
    "Multiple titles - come see"

Vince Smith - excellent drone video
    Should be good!

Sam Metzgar - video
     "History of UP 844" and others

Surprise content - video or digital?
    “This spot is for you to bring your own...”

Come see a great program and have a good time.  


Thanks to the presenters and everyone who plan to attend.  

It's Time to Watch some Trains on Saturday!

Skip Waters
SlideShow Chairman
North Texas Chapter
National Railway Historical Society

P.S.  Have you considered joining the NRHS?  Well, you can do so today!
Go and join now!  We would love to include you on future events.

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