Re: The Train That Makes a Thousand Stops

Tom Roise

This is the actual issue april 1954
Tom Roise

On Dec 22, 2021, at 7:34 PM, Dennis Hogan <denmeg_hogan@...> wrote:

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I found an article in Railroad Magazine with that title.  Date unknown, but I
think 1954.  Author is Robert Hegge.
It relates the story of the Cotton Belt supply train ("peddler") that plied the
rails from Ilmo to Tyler and Commerce.  It departed Pine Bluff every other month.
The train consisted of a waycar, a tank car (for supplying gasoline), an old business
car, a supply car (a converted passenger or baggage car), and some gondolas attached to a local freight. 
The gondolas were used for picking up scrap.

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