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Michael North

Was a great train watching location. Obsolete, antiquated  in 1980, talked to operator Butler couple of times. He lived up the line a way in Bridgeport I recall.  I was lucky to Acquire the Ft. Worth & Denver t.o. order board from the tower with permission from B.N. Davis (Ft. Worth & Denver club bldg.) and one other signal from Santa Fe.   Had to make a formal request at Ft. W &D offices at the Ft. Worth petroleum building if I recall correctly. Was in 1985 when it was being retired. 
Thanks for posting, sharing this.   M. North. 

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The Saginaw story was in 1975. I was in Tower 55 in 1983 watching them pull levers.

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It probably was in DFW area.  That is quite possible.
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No one is claiming the WFAA report has all their facts correct!


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