Re: Heartland Flyer update

Bill Wasinger

Due to an influx of oil/gas exploration vehicles pounding the roads to dust in certain parts of Oklahoma, I've been told the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has adopted the use of portable axle scales to randomly weigh trucks on state roads. In July, one truck driver, whose overweight dump truck had been ticketed the day before in just such a fashion, chose to travel rural roads the next day and he was struck and killed in his loaded dump truck at a rural crossing (where you can see for days in either direction) by a northbound Union Pacific train on the south end of Okarche, OK…


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I doubt his employer will be very happy with the driver. 

My company is a "one accident" company.  If I didn't have a dash cam, I don't know what I'd be doing, but it sure wouldn't be driving a truck.


Get a dashcam.  You really don't need one -- until you do.



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