Re: Amtrak #1 detoured on the Katy after Luling freight derailment


Was it where the wind mill truck got hit?


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I happened to be driving by the site of the derailment on Monday.  There were lots of Hulcher and UP heavy equipment.   There were 3 UP heavy hi-railers and a small trencher around the west siding switch.  That looked to be where things got torn up. The culprit appeared to be an empty rock train headed west.     I didn't stop to take a close look or get in the way.


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Anybody have any details on the Luling derailment?


Randy Lundgren
Elgin, TX

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A derailment in Luling caused Amtrak to detour from Rosenberg to Sealy, Smithville, and San Marcos.  Arriving at San Antonio at 5:22 am, it did not leave until 8:57.  I don't know why it took 3 and a half hours to add 2 cars that I've seen accomplished in under an hour.

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