Re: photos of L&D working in Lafayette, La., and Port Rail trains, including lumber cars, in Lake Charles, from February

James Robichaux


The impression that I have is that there is no schedule for the L&D job to go to Breaux Bridge, that it's just either as-needed or when the crew has run out of stuff to do.  Sometimes, as was the case in the shots from February 22, the crew starts the day at the salt mine after leaving the locomotives there overnight.  

I don't think that there is a "yard office" for the L&D anywhere in Lafayette; I am not sure, but the crew may show up for duty at the depot in New Iberia, where the L&D headquarters is, and use the automobile to get to the train.

As for the track by the old MoPac freight house in Lake Charles, I don't think that it has much use anymore beyond UP occasionally leaving a locomotive there.  There is a brick dealer at the end of one of those tracks, but I get the impression that a long time has passed since it last received railroad shipments.

You can see all of this here:

I hope that all of this helps.


On Mon, Aug 2, 2021 at 12:21 PM Scott Kelm <skelm10@...> wrote:
Enjoyed your photos and have two questions...

How often and is there  a specific day do they go to Breaux Bridge? Looks like there may be multiple customer there...

On your Lake Charles shot, there appears to be a switch/side track just west of the MP freight depot. Do you know where this goes?

Thank you,

Scott Kelm

On Monday, August 2, 2021, 11:32:45 AM CDT, James Robichaux <robichauxenterprises.jr@...> wrote:

Six months ago today, this set of images was made in Lafayette, Louisiana, showing the Louisiana & Delta Railroad's job there switching the International Paper place, then switching at Elks along the Sunset Route mainline, and finally on the way to the salt mine on the Breaux Bridge Branch:

While I am posting this, I should just post the rest of the images and blog posts from February, too.

Three days later, on the 5th, here is a set of images showing action on the ex-MoPac line to the Port Of Lake Charles, including an empty centerbeam flatcar, under cloudy skies and rain:

On the following Monday, the 8th, here is a train emerging from the port, absent of any centeberbeam flatcars:

On the next morning, the 9th, here is a train emerging from the port with a loaded centerbeam flatcar, albeit not the same one seen entering the port on Friday, under foggy skies, and, later on, the Union Pacific Railroad local train that serves the Lake Charles Industrial Lead, at the beginning of the former SP Lake Arthur Branch, with cars from the prior day's Port Rail train from the port plus cars from the nearby rice mill:

On the next morning, Wednesday the 10th, here is another train emerging from the port with a loaded centerbeam flatcar, this time, the one seen entering the port on the previous Friday:

Finally, a few weeks later, on Monday the 22nd, here is another set of images of L&D action in Lafayette:

That's all for now and for a while, too.

Peace, and stay cool out there in this heat.


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