Re: UP 4014 steam train in N.O. (August 20-22)

Michael Palmieri

The UP website


shows that the 4014 will be in New Orleans at Riverview Park from Friday evening until Sunday morning.  This is an area along the Mississippi River behind Audubon Park.  The UP has used this site before, and it is served by the New Orleans Public Belt.


As for the plans to turn the Big Boy, I’m sure all of these details have been worked out, but so far no one who knows is sharing any information.  It would certainly make sense to turn the train upon arrival in New Orleans on Friday, before going on display.  A few likely locations would be on the UP at Westwego (before crossing the Huey Long Bridge), on the NS at the north end of the NS OLIVER YARD, or at NOUPT. All of these have been used by the UP in the past to turn business trains.  There are also a couple of possible locations on the CN, either the wye at MAYS YARD (right next to the east end of the Huey Long Bridge) or the wye in Kenner at Orleans Jct. 


After UP 8444 was on display at the 1984 World’s Fair, it was towed backwards from the fair site and across the Huey Long Bridge to Avondale and was turned near there, either at Westwego or by separating the engine and tender and using the SP turntable at their AVONDALE YARD.   (I've heard both explanations.)


After SP 4449 was at the 1984 Fair, it was turned very slowly on the wye at NOUPT, as it was when here on the Freedom Train.

Mike Palmieri - Fort Worth, Texas

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