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Rollin Bredenberg

That just might work.  

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On behalf of Dr. Jason Davis, I invite Rollin to consider making a presentation to the next COTTON BELT SYMPOSIUM, held annually in the Sam Rayburn Center on the TAMU-Commerce campus.  I believe the next one is scheduled for the first Saturday in October.


Gerald Hook – Russellville, AR


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Rollin not only has stories but he knows how to tell them. He has been pretty much been all over and I encourage him to write a book and maybe do some oral histories. My personal favorite is the Galveston draw bridge but he has so many.
Arlington Tx

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Lucky you

Wish you could share more stories with the CBRHS. They could use them in their newsletter.

Tom Roise


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I was in the yardmaster’s tower at the Valley Jct yard of the Cotton Belt in E. St. Louis IL.  The regular morning freight train we ran (TSS or Texas Streak South) generally had to hold in the yard until IC train 16 from Carbondale to St. Louis came off the IC main, crossed the Valley Jct interlocking and headed up the MacArthur Bridge approach.  When the TSS was ready to go that morning the YM asked the interlocking operator if there was time for the TSS to depart.  The response was that the last IC passenger train had run to Union Station and that the TSS could have the signal without delay.   

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Oh the good old days 


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on the first day of Amtrak my true love rode with me....

The ship had been on training maneuvers out by Puerto Rico, and it was spring break at TCU. While we were tied up at Navy piers in Fort Lauderdale, I took three days' leave (the chief thought I was nuts), my recent bride flew in to Lauderdale and joined me at the station - we rode in coach to Richmond on the overnight, took a cab to the new station for the weary wait for the connecting train. At the end of  the week she flew back to FtW and I went back to the ship at D&S Piers. We remember train staffers were all still in SAL livery, pushing the dining car and the fresh squeezed Florida orange juice as they made station calls successively from car to car.

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