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Liz Flint

CBS used to feature a guy named Roger Welsch from Dannebrog, Nebraska on the Sunday morning show who managed to feature the UP steam in his segments several times.



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I think you’re 100% correct. It was Charles Kuralt and I seem to recall that it was the annual River City Roundup steam special.




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Several years ago at 24 Hours @ Saginaw (by the way Skip, where we at?), there was a filler presentation in between slide shows of a CBS Special, at least I think it was CBS, about UP's Steam Program.  Heck I think it might have been 844/4 or 3985 back then. 


Anyways, the UP steam locomotive was pulling some passenger cars full of kids.  I wanna say it was somewhere between Cheyenne and Omaha, because I believe it was on the triple track main.  Freight trains were highballing right past 844/4Steve Lee was interviewed at the shops, running the train, around the train, etc.  

I want to say it was narrated by the late, great Charles Kuralt.  I dunno, I got nostalgic today and for some reason I thought of Charles Kuralt's "On the Road" series, and I remembered this program.


Dies anyone remember this program?



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