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Jim King

I’m going to backtrack with respect to Tower 9. I believe this might actually be an “original” Tower 9, and that the one photo we have of Tower 9 was its replacement. The photo we have does not have the SP fish scale pattern, so I believe these are not the same towers. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t both be Tower 9.  Here are the clues, referencing the Navasota towers page:


  1. The photo of Tower 9 that we have was taken in 1946. The attire of the individuals on the staircase in this photo looks like clothing from a much earlier era. Tower 9 was commissioned in 1903. Would a wooden tower built in 1903 have survived to 1946? It certainly could have, but it would also be reasonable to assume that it was rebuilt at some point.
  2. The 1925 Sanborn map shows that Tower 9 had an L-shaped staircase on the south side. The stairs went up the west side of the south face to a midpoint landing and then ascended to the right. That matches this image precisely, assuming the photographer was facing north. Facing north makes sense, i.e. approaching the tower on foot from downtown, the south face is what you see. The 1946 photo we have shows the north face, not the south face.
  3. The 1925 Sanborn map shows Tower 9 located between two tracks – H&TC main track to Bryan on the west, I-GN branch to Madisonville on the east. The I-GN main to Bryan crossed over the H&TC at Tower 9 (hence, the need for the tower), and the crossing was south of the tower. The track arrangement in this photo matches perfectly, with the H&TC/I-GN diamond in the foreground.


Wha’d’ya think??





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That would be the Tower 9 I referenced, and they are not the same. The Santa Fe crossing was Tower 41.


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From: Jerry Storrs
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That tower that Dennis posted could be the crossing of the I&GN and H&TC that was Northwest of the H&TC and GC&SF in Navasota.  The date of the photo is 1907 and at that time I&GN was still on their own tracks from College Station to Navasota.  In fact the two lines crossed three times from Bryan to Navasota.




On Wed, Jan 27, 2021, 3:17 PM Jim King <jgking@...> wrote:

Vaguely similar, but not the same. Staircase substantially different, among other items. Doesn’t look like Tower 9, either, at least based on the only photo we have.



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From: Dennis Hogan
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Subject: [Railspot] Navasota interlocking tower


Is this the same one that had the number 3 on it in another photograph?
Navasota interlocking tower




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