Re: May-September 1950 CB&Q timetable


That backs up what I suspected.

I actually own an ink blotter promoting the train which mentions the limo service.

On Jan 24, 2021, at 9:52 PM, Barton Jennings wrote:

It states for Plainview: "Served by limousine from and to Lockney for the accommodation of passengers and baggage."

On Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 9:47 PM Steve Goen <texaszephyr@...> wrote:
Actually, what does it show for Sterley to Plainview? Any reference marks?

On Jan 24, 2021, at 9:32 PM, Barton Jennings wrote:

I have every CB&Q PTT starting in 1940 except that one. However, I have the August 1950 Official Guide and the timetable is dated May 28, 1950.

It shows train #8-101 Dallas to Childress to Lubbock, and train #102-1 return. Here are the basic times:

Dallas   9:15pm  -  7:15am
Childress   4:28am/4:43am  -  12:45am/1:35am
Lubbock   8:45am  -  9:00pm

It states for No. 101 and 102 "Coach - Lubbock and Childress"

Hope that helps some...let me know if you need more details....

Bart Jennings

On Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 5:34 PM texaszephyr <texaszephyr@...> wrote:

I'm in need of tracking down a May-September 1950 Burlington Route or FW&D-C&S passenger timetable. Just needing the Childress to Lubbock and Plainview schedule plus the part that tells what equipment was assigned to the trains. Looking for the actually schedule of the passenger train and any mention of a sleeper being in service.

Just need scans.


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