Former SLRG GP40FH-2 to TXNW

Brian T

I sold 5 of the former SLRG GP40FH-2s to Texas Northwestern.  The units are currently on the Rock N' Rail in the Canon City area, and will be take to interchange with the BNSF at Pueblo, from there they will be put on a low priority freight from Pueblo to Amarillo, and hopefully dropped at Etter, TX

They plan to convert at least 2 to Road Slugs and others to GP40-2s.  They are securing freight long hoods now.  If their plans fall through, they will use them for parts donors for their current fleet of GP40-2s and SD40-types.

Numbers are:

SLRG 4136 (dead)
SLRG 4138
SLRG 4141 (dead)
SLRG 4142
SLRG 4144

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