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Charles H. Biel

Hi Tom,

The Plano show was a success given the circumstances.

First off, the club member participation was both impressive and enthusiastic.

Unanimous would be a stretch, but the percentage of clubs and faces I associate with them present was very high. Quite close to 100% of typical.

I heard unofficially that the Saturday attendance was over 1000. Which is probably about 40% of typical.

Dealer participation seemed to be about 75% of typical. Obviously, I missed Steve, as well as a few other familiar dealers.

My dad’s vendor location happened to be next to the west exit. Nearly every Saturday attendee was carrying a respectable bag out the door.

The Sunday crowd seemed to be about 1/3 of Saturday, so maybe 400. About 2/3 were carrying a respectable bag out the door.

Our sales were down from last year, but still good, only down about 20%, which is good, considering an attendance that was probably down 60%.

On Sunday, I even made a $400 sale using Apple Face Time to show an item in detail to a past regular attendee stuck in Germany since March.

Funny story regarding the item I sold. It was the first DCC and sound item I’ve featured as a running N scale train, a Kato CB&Q Silver Streak set.

As a young boy was enjoying the display, I prepared to entertain him by getting my iPhone WiThrottle ready to blow the horn, grade crossing style.

Unexpectedly, the young boy proceeded to put his finger on the track as the locomotive and train approached.

Before the young boy’s parents could say “don’t touch” I blew the horn via DCC. It was uncharacteristically deep and loud for N scale.

The young boy jumped back, and we all had a good laugh! Just like in real life, the horn served its purpose, warning of potential danger.


ps. Brad’s Trains took the clever concept prize with a “19% off for Covid 19” sale. I can’t say I’ve ever seen Brad have such a generous sale before. Well played, Brad!

On Jan 17, 2021, at 4:58 PM, Tom RHoise via <> wrote:

How is she doing? How about you?

Did anyone tell you about the Plano show?

How was it? I missed it.?

Tom Roise

On Jan 17, 2021, at 3:51 PM, texaszephyr <> wrote:

Surgery tomorrow afternoon.

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