Re: Leo Davis R.I.P

Bill Nash

Yes, I knew Leo down at the Austin Amtrak station.

He told me the story about graduating from high school and going down to apply for a job with the Katy railroad. His passed everything but the color blind test. Instead he ended up as a railroad gate guard at the magnesium plant. He was stationed at the railroad entrance all day long watching trains go by. What a boring job … NOT!


PS, for those who don’t know, the magnesium plant is now Balcones Research Center.

On Jan 13, 2021, at 8:49 PM, Dennis Hogan <> wrote:

For those who might have spent time watching trains at the Austin Amtrak depot
over the years, you probably knew Leo Davis.
I met him there in the mid-1980s. We even traveled by train on a few trips.
What a gentleman, railfan, and lifelong citizen of Austin!

He passed away at age 99.

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