Re: TSRR diesel power issue?

Tom Roise

Sorry I missed it. Did not know about such an event?

Tom Roise

On Oct 24, 2020, at 9:55 PM, C A Buster <cbustertx@...> wrote:

I enjoyed last Friday's TSRR Rusk Diesel Roundup trip and the seating in the Presidential Car 1511 was a comfortable means to visit with my grandson and his wife (their four-year anniversary celebration).  Halfway into the trip, while still going up a minimal grade, we entered into a heavy rain shower, and to my surprise, the single diesel engine repeatedly lost traction and we had to stop, reverse a little and try again multiple times.  We ultimately made it to the Palestine station and there, they added another diesel engine, which served the train just fine on the return back to Rusk.  So what happened?  Surely any diesel engine could navigate a wet track with such a light six-car load.  Was the event indicating problems with the drive wheels?  Is this a common occurrence?  

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