NS 4002 through Amarillo

Nathan Herring

Hello All, I received word that NS 4002, a rebuilt AC44C6M with a Sonic the Hedgehog inspired Paint Scheme, was going to be leading the ZAUGSBD716L (Austell, GA - San Bernardino, CA) through Amarillo last Friday. I tracked the trains progress throughout the day becoming more and more alarmed that it would get darkness before the train got to Amarillo, which is what exactly what happened. I settled for 2 crappy videos of the train so I could at least say I was able to catch it as I was unable to find a location with enough light to get a decent look at it.

Fast Forward to Monday, got word that 4002 was returning back east as the 4th unit on the ZSBAUG719L (San Bernardino, CA - Austell, GA). First check of the lineup was a planned call time of 5:30 PM Tuesday. By Tuesday morning, the train had made up some time and was planned out around 3. After one last check and seeing the train called for 1:45 out of Amarillo. I headed to Canyon as it looked like I would have some
 decent light for the eastbound train. 

My first train was the ZWSPPHX919L, a hot UPS pig train from Willow Springs, IL to Phoenix, AZ seen passing the Canyon ATSF depot. 

Next up was the eastbound ZABQWSP920L, a weekly UPS train from Albuquerque, NM to Willow Springs, IL that was just getting going after waiting for a signal due to a Form B ahead

I had planned on relocating to the depot in Canyon to shoot the ZSBAUG, but as I tried to start my Dads truck, I discovered I had a dead battery. 

While waiting for my Mom to come give me a boost, I realized I had the wrong lens on to shoot the 4 unit consist of the SBDAUG at the location I was at, so I settled on getting a shot of 4002 only.

As the train passed I noticed one of TTX’s “On Track for a cure” breast cancer awareness well cars near the end, so I snapped a pic of it, fitting with it being breast cancer awareness month.

After that I got my boat from and headed off to get a new battery.

Thanks for looking

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