Re: Prescott, Reader & Fordyce Ry.

Barton Jennings

Prescott, Reader & Fordyce August 1907 Incorporation
The road was already in operation from Reader, in Ouachita county, west to Lyda, a distance of six and one half miles (think logging). Plans were to extend it to Prescott, a distance of 24 miles, to reach the Iron Mountain and the Prescott & Northwestern. It was then to be extended east from Prescott to Fordyce. However, the ICC shows that it was never more than 6.5 miles long.

Prescott, Reader & Fordyce was succeeded by Prescott & Reader Railway about 1910. About 1 mile of additional track was built before it was abandoned in 1914.

The Reader was a different railroad and route. The Reader Railroad was incorporated in Arkansas, on July 13, 1925, to take over the 23.5 mile railroad built by the Mansfield Lumber Company, which ran south out of Reader.


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Any relation to the more familiar Reader RR?
It traversed 6 miles between Reader and Lyda AR in 1910.

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