Update on MCSA #201 - Move from Eureka Springs, AR to Anna, TX

Elden Baker

The following is an excerpt from the City of Anna Parks Advisory Board staff report.

    Best regards,
    Elden Baker

Sherley Heritage Park Steam Locomotive

Reader Industries has transported all the parts for the Steam Locomotive No. 201 to Reader, Arkansas. The major parts of the train are being cleaned in preparation for the restoration process. The front boiler (smokebox) is going to be completely replaced because it is more deteriorated than what was originally thought. Reader Industries has performed replacement work on other steam locomotives and does not see the replacement to be an issue in completing the restoration project.

To ensure the proper placement of the Steam Locomotive No. 201 and a sound foundation to support the 50-ton train, staff is having a survey and geotechnical field and laboratory investigation performed. The tracks are being designed and engineered by Jacobs engineering.

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