Re: Ft. Stockton 9-23-20


Correct, and it was the southern terminal for Buzzard Air Lines who once operated gas filled balloon trips between Wichita Falls and the weather station in Presidio.

Their slogan was,
“Everybody’s gotta go sometime, so when it’s your time, go Buzzard!”


On Sep 30, 2020, at 2:52 AM, D. Howard Bingham <ke5apj@...> wrote:

Unrelated:  Presidio used to be in weather reports as the hottest place in Texas.  (IIRC is in a valley with little air circulation.)

D. Howard Bingham


On 9/29/2020 7:18 AM, Dennis Hogan wrote:
I think the line is still owned by the state of Texas and operated by Texas Pacifico.
The section south of Paisano Pass is overgrown with vegetation. I noticed a rare
lighted signal with a fixed semaphore blade just south of the junction with the UP.

Nothing of note in Presidio except the town is dead.  Our favorite eatery (El Patio) was
temporarily closed.  Lots of other closed businesses. 
The old Santa Fe depot is gone.   There's a derelict container unloader nearby, some drying
sheds, and an old black-painted fuel or water tank.

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