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Gerard Kelley

While I am sticking close to home and taking care of cleaning up my various collections and closets I have been consolidating my photos prior to organizing them. I haven't been been very active really since slides passed into another technology lost to progress. Digital is a little easier to sort and store but I don't have the hands for good stuff anymore.

But I get a smile when I can catch a train as opposed to an engine shot and if there are signals and other rail facilities that smile gets big. You caught some nice ones.

Early in Railspot history we had a discussion about how to improve taking pictures and I seem to recall Jimmy Barlow summarize the discussion with a list something like a bow saw, loppers, and as tall a step ladder that you could fit in your vehicle. Oh, and others suggested high ground, a bridge over the tracks even a wide bend. I have taken photos in the panhandle but sometimes they seem like a grain elevator or part of one with a train in it. Nathan you have a great lense work the long view and the backgrounds and f.regrounds . You might consider the high ground at that bridge if accessable and safe. Cropping or editing the image before posting can also be effective. I like the images in your string with people and the Amtrak trains. The right people acting naturally with context  also adds a lot.

Nice work.

G. Kelley
Arlington Tx

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Thx for showing the whole train.  I’m bored with the power. Now want to see the cars. Especially the manifest trains...

Tom Roise

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August 1

Spent a few hours between Amarillo and Canyon playing with the new lens. Didn’t take many pics but got a couple from the morning.

BNSF 5770 leads an eastbound Z train to a stop at Zita as they were waiting for a landing spot in Amarillo For their crew change.

I decided to take a shot at the McCormick Rd crossing. Another eastbound Z prepares to stop at second out Zita as they too were waiting for a landing spot (4 mains and still a bottleneck)

August 2nd

Met up with a friend on the western end of the Hereford Sub near Black. Z trains were a plenty this day as all the trains I caught were Zs

First train I caught was a hotshot eastbound Z9 led by BNSF 3958

Next up was a westbound Z that was getting back up to speed after waiting for the train ahead.

We made our way west towards Friona where I captured another Z9 with a Friona in the background.

A few minutes later a westbound Z passed by

We made our way back into Hereford where we captured brand new ES44C4 3268 leading a westbound Z past the grain elevator in Hereford 

Here is the video from the weekend available in 1080p HD

Thanks for looking

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