Trains on the Hereford Sub August 1&2

Nathan Herring

August 1

Spent a few hours between Amarillo and Canyon playing with the new lens. Didn’t take many pics but got a couple from the morning.

BNSF 5770 leads an eastbound Z train to a stop at Zita as they were waiting for a landing spot in Amarillo For their crew change.

I decided to take a shot at the McCormick Rd crossing. Another eastbound Z prepares to stop at second out Zita as they too were waiting for a landing spot (4 mains and still a bottleneck)

August 2nd

Met up with a friend on the western end of the Hereford Sub near Black. Z trains were a plenty this day as all the trains I caught were Zs

First train I caught was a hotshot eastbound Z9 led by BNSF 3958

Next up was a westbound Z that was getting back up to speed after waiting for the train ahead.

We made our way west towards Friona where I captured another Z9 with a Friona in the background.

A few minutes later a westbound Z passed by

We made our way back into Hereford where we captured brand new ES44C4 3268 leading a westbound Z past the grain elevator in Hereford 

Here is the video from the weekend available in 1080p HD

Thanks for looking

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