photos of train on since-closed L&D Abbeville Branch - 8 August 2019

James Robichaux

I am cranking through my many pictures that I took of action on the former SP Midland Branch that has, since about 1990, gone only to Abbeville, Louisiana.  With the closure of the rice mill at the end of the line in Abbeville earlier this year, which I had a feeling would happen, which was part of why I devoted so much time and attention to it over the last year, all but the first few miles of the branch have effectively (though, as far as I know, not (yet) officially) been shut down.

This is a time-consuming process, and, of course, I could not do it in real time.  So, given the pace of things,  the next best thing, I figured, was to work to crank them out to be published a year later, which is now and for the next eight or nine months.

So, bear with me, please, as I post this stuff over the next eight or nine months, but know that it's of a line that is now shut down and may not ever see a train again!  It's of a branchline that was still dominated by railroad-owned hopper cars in 2020, and that's a big part of why I liked it so much.

Anyway, here is another large set of images from a train on the branch, this one made one year ago tomorrow:

There will be more like this to come over the next tw0-thirds of a year.



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