Re: ex-TSE/KCS business car destroyed by fire

Ron Roman

Sad, a very short section of RT 66 thru Kansas took a hit.

I think one year they did “RT 66 on the Air” ( Ham Radio Event and it was in Galena at or near the train cars for the location…
If not that may have been the old Military Vehicle Convoy ( in Sept 2017 across RT 66 that went by there and did a short stop.
Been a while on the Guessimeter.

Have a great weekend, it’s FriYayyyyyy!!!

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Didn’t the A&M have a similar 1890s business car that was torched by an arsonist about ten years ago?


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From Trainorders:

 HISTORIC 1899 PRESIDENTIAL RAILWAY CAR ON ROUTE 66 IN GALENA DESTROYED IN SUSPICIOUS FIRE Dateline: July 29, 2020 – Galena, KS -  A historic and one-of-a-kind presidential railroad car on old Route 66 that was built in August of 1899, and destined for restoration as a tourist attraction was destroyed in a suspected arson fire earlier this week. The Texas Southeastern Railroad Business Car number 100, was constructed for the Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Gulf Railroad, part of the Kansas City Southern Railroad system according to records. The railway car is located on old Route 66 near the Galena viaduct and former Eagle-Pitcher smelting plant. The car was outfitted with hand laid mosaic tile, a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room, a library and parlor. Galena Fire Chief Steve Hall said firefighters were dispatched shortly before 6 :00 AM Tuesday to the rail car, one-third of which already engulfed in flames when they arrived. “It's being investigated by the Fire Marshal,” he said. “All indications are that it could have been possibly set (on purpose), because there was no power going to it, and there was no weather going on, so it's of suspicious origin right now.” Chief Hall said that hopefully, the Fire Marshal will have the investigation completed in a week or so. The 120-year old rail car was deemed a total loss, Hall said. Flames were breaking through the windows when they arrived, and that the doors were bolted shut. It's sad because it's going to have to be scrapped right now. “It was a tough fire, since the outside of it was metal, and had metal on the inside. It was like a heat box.” Hall said. Fire crews were on the scene for nearly five hours. “This was different. It wasn't like fighting a normal structure fire. It was new to us, because you don't get calls like this very often.” The rail car, which was used as an office and business car by top railroad management was the first presidential railway car to cross the KCS lines according to former Galena Mayor Dale Oglesby, who acquired the car from Union Station in Kansas City three years ago. “Most railroads have a car called the “presidential car” that the president of the railroad can ride on, and then they offer it to visiting dignitaries, like the President of the United States,” Oglesby said. This was the first one to ride up and down KCS. “The car weighs 250,000 pounds, and it took three for four cranes to move it. We were making plans to set the car on the tracks, and then this happens.” “We were pretty stoked by it, and we have had people waiting to restore it. It was something that would have been a great asset to Route 66 and community tourism, because there is not another one like it.” Oglesby said. Oglesby and friend invested thousands of dollars in the railroad car, planning to restore it into a hotel/motel for travelers, and added as a Route 66 tourist attraction. After walking through the car on Wednesday morning, Oglesby told The Globe that it was doubtful the car could be saved without a total gutting and starting from scratch.The owners had invested more than $35,000 in the car to transport and unload it from Kansas City to Galena. “Its not my loss, its not my friend's loss. Its a loss to Route 66 and tourism,” he said. Oglesby said that he sealed the doors and intentionally made the car hard to get into because he did not want the car to be vandalized. “Its just heart breaking” he said, “a lot of money has been spent in getting that car ready to go. But its more about the loss of a piece of history. It's not about the financial setback, it was such a historic piece that was irreplaceable, and that's the tragedy of it.” The car has been rebuilt at least three times in 1916, 1930, and 1948. It also wore a variety of identification markings including car #200, 100, Gerald Dyne, #102 and #99. It was transferred to Kansas Union Station in 2007, according to documentation from the Texas Southeastern Railroad Company.  “There are four other railway cars located nearby,” Oglesby said. “The goal is to restore those possibly into lodging accommodations for Route 66 travelers.     


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