Did I mention the B-RI


Did I mention the Burlington-Rock Island, formerly the Trinity & Brazos Valley, aka "The Boil Weevil"?

Well both the "Short Line Flyer" and the "Texas Rocket" have their own chapters in my upcoming "Passenger Trains of Texas - Rock Island" book as well as the "Twin Star Rocket" in operation on the Joint Texas Division.
You don't see much of anything on these trains but I had so much Texas Rocket material I ended up dividing it into TWO CHAPTERS!

The first one features the operation of the original Texas Rocket from Fort Worth all the way to Houston. The second then features the Texas Rocket after it was transferred north of Dallas into Oklahoma. And best of all it's all here in one book.

Chapters include:

The Bridgeport-Jacksboro-Graham Branch
The Amarillo-Canadian River line
The Short Line Flyer
The Arizona Limited
The Texas RocketĀ 
The Choctaw Rocket
The Memphis-Californian
The Oklahoma Rocket (Texas Rocket)
The Fort Worth to El Reno RDCs
The Choctaw Rockette
Twin Star Rocket
The Imperial
The Cherokee
and the Golden State

Don't miss getting you own copy. If you liked my recent Cotton Belt book, you'll love the Rock Island. And since this is 2020 I deliberately scheduled publication of the Rock Island book for this year to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Rock Island shutdown.

Keep in mind that I'm offering a special pre-publication special on "Passenger Trains of Texas - Rock Island" if you order now. Just go to www.texaszephyrpublishing.com for details on the book and how to order. Time is running out. And with Covid shutting down all of the train shows, why not enjoy reading a new book about one of the great railroads that once served Texas and Oklahoma?

All Aboard!

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