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Everett Lueck

One of the results of the 1940 Louisiana Maneuvers was the decision to use Louisiana railroads to train the army's Raillway Operating Battalions for the upcoming war.  Eventually this resulted in the construction of the Claiborne-Polk Military Railroad between Camp Claiborne and Camp Polk.   Some of the people mentioned in the discussion of the Louisiana Maneuvers of 1941 also attended the official completion ceremony for the railroad on July 11, 1942 (since it was built by the 711th ROB and featured locomotives #7 and #11).

Among those present were General Mark Clark (not in the photo below), General Carl Gray, chief of the Military Railway Service, (second from left),  Lieutenant General Walter Krueger (second from right, left of the podium), Major James Welch C.O. of the 711th, seated next to General Krueger to the immediate left of the podium, Governor Sam Houston Jones of DeRidder, LA, and seated to the right of the podium, a bored looking Colonel, on loan from the War Plans Division in Washington DC, former Chief of Staff to General Krueger and General Marshall's personal representative to the ceremony, Dwight Eisenhower customary cigarette in his right hand.

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More thorough history on the Louisiana Maneuvers of 1940:

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