Andrew Harmantas Paintings For Sale … Now with a website!

Bill Wasinger


I know you've all been notified about this before but, as there's now a website with all the images in one place, I thought it might merit a second look…

The family of the late Andy Harmantas is offering roughly 80-90 of his original paintings for sale. If you are unfamiliar with Andy, his railroad artwork graced the covers of numerous books and magazines, as well as the walls of many galleries and private collections. He depicted an assortment of railroads, including the Rock Island, Pennsy, NYC, Frisco, MKT, Santa Fe, NP, GN, SP, FW&D, WM, MILW, SAL, and many, many more. Being a Vietnam Veteran, he also did a number of Air Force paintings, and two of those are being offered for sale as well.

Note this is not a professional sale, as the family didn't want the hassle or expense of gallery fees and commissions. Hence, some of the images you see on the website were taken while the paintings were being moved from Andy's home into climate-controlled storage.

Full disclosure: I put together the site gratis in an effort to better showcase Andy's art. It is not an e-commerce site. I have no financial stake in this endeavor and am only passing along the link to the website.

Finally, if any of you are on other railroad lists whose users may have an interest in Andy's artwork, please share the link with those lists as well.


Bill in OKC

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