Re: Triple Underpass (Dallas)


Dennis, that's why the Rock Island was responsible for Tower 29 in Saginaw. The FW&D was first into town, the the Santa Fe and last the Rock Island. So the last road (in this case the RI) was responsible for manning and operating the interlock. I can't think of any examples where the last man to arrive wasn't the one footing the bills.


On Jun 6, 2020, at 1:14 PM, Dennis Hogan wrote:

Jim King:  Source of dates on GC&SF City Spur and Water St. Spur comes from a
GC&SF file paper on the history of the CT&MC (think I got that right!) line from Cleburne.
I got a copy from William Osborn years ago. 

Second railroad--- so then GC&SF would have been the second railroad in that vicinity!
Makes sense now.
CRI&G and Cotton Belt

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