So what did I see?

Bill Wasinger

Saw a northbound BNSF manifest through Edmond, OK at 755 this morning with some unusual color in the consist. However, as I was driving, I'm not sure what I saw. While the first three engines were various pumpkins followed by a CSX unit, the next four appeared to be 4-axle shortline engines. The first two had a red, white and blue scheme and the state of Texas outlines on the cowl. The other two looked maroon and grayish.

Preliminary research tells me the first two might have been Central Texas and Colorado River Railway power (CTXR and/or GMTX), but I have no clue on the latter two units (again, I was driving and didn't get a good look. 

Anyone have thoughts on what I saw and where they were headed?

Thanks in advance!

Bill in OKC

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