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Bill Wasinger

OK, let's slow down just a sec… Considering that Monday was April 1st, let's go back and look at the very last line of copy in that "release."  Note that it says (Source AFD)". Does AFD stand for Amarillo Fire Department or… April Fools Day?


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On Thursday, April 4, 2019, 9:48:24 PM CDT, Glenn Anderson anderphoto@... [RailSpot] wrote:

The Amarillo Railroad Museum has just been notified that we WILL receive the Madam Queen, Santa Fe 5000 steam locomotive, and a $2.5 million grant to build a protected structure to house the venerable locomotive.  The news came as a complete shock today, when City of Amarillo officials issued a press release that they had been meeting in closed session for the last three months to work out a master plan for the disposition of the locomotive.  The details are still a bit up in the air, but we envision movement of the locomotive in early summer.  It was noted that the Museum was chosen "because of their land resources and long history of preserving railroad artifacts that reflect the history of railroads in the Texas Panhandle." (Source AFD)

Glenn Anderson
Georgetown, TX


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