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Perry Templeton

As I understand it, BNSF is making a very strong play for UP and KCS petro chemical business in the Lake Charles and Westlake area. The "support" yard in Lacassine is part of BNSF's master plan to handle that new business. The business at BNSF's SIT yard at Dayton should not be affected. Perry Templeton   


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The BNSF did get the old SP yard at Lafayette in the merger agreement as well as the former SP main between Iowa Jct (MP 205.4) and West Bridge Jct (MP 10.2)  BNSF also shows Lacassine as having a siding that is 13,961' at MP 203.2


I wonder what will happen to BNSF's SIT yard at Dayton yard when Lacassine is up and going?


Mark St. Aubin



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Looks like it will have 8-10 tracks at its widest and be roughly 2.5 miles long overall.  Didn't BNSF get the old SP yard in Lafayette?  That's only about 50 miles east of Lacassine, and Beaumont (TX) is ~75 miles west.  Business must be rather brisk for them to build a new yard of this size not that far between existing major yards.


I wonder if this has anything to do with the recently announced new connector between UP's Rabbit Line and BNSF/TIBR/BNSF's Longview-Beaumont line in Tenaha TX?  Hmmmmmmmm.........


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At 11p, I've now heard a wb receive a warrant from Lafayette to CTC ESS LACASSINE . It appears there is now ctc in affect from ESS Lacassine to Iowa Junction. Perry Templeton


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Went and checked out BNSF’s  new Lacassine yard, Hwy 101 is at the east end of the yard. Signals are turned for mainline and are working. No cars in the new yard but plenty of track equipment were working yesterday afternoon. The yard runs parallel to Hwy 90 and is a good ¼ mile north of it.


Sulphur, La


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