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Rabbit Radio - Blue Ridge Mountain, Wrightwood, California





Call sign, W6RRN / BL - 448.60 Mhz CTCSS 131.8hz



Blue Ridge, Angeles Forest, CA - Altitude: 8,565 FT AMSL.



N 34 deg, 15 min, 23 sec : W 118 deg 38 min, 29 sec (DM04qg)
Approximated from Cactus Site




  • Blue Ridge (W6RRN BL), is located at 8565 feet above Wrightwood, California.     The site is accessible during summer months only.     It is situated between Wrightwood and Rancho Cucamonga,
  • The building will have a back-up generator.    The system is a UHF Repeater, Tx 75 Watts, Rx .25uV for 20 dB quieting.
  • Coverage extends North to Edwards AFB, East to Barstow, West to Lancaster, South, Small Portions of Los Angeles.    
  • Site is duplex linked to Palos Verdes (Link 1), and, has no Remote Base transceiver.     It is Mounted in an open rail rack and uses a WA6COT Control System.




View from South of Angeles Forest (toward Blue Ridge Mtn.)







Views Outside BlueRidge and Within Blue Ridge Mtn. Rabbit radio site.