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Rabbit Radio - Big Bear, California





Call sign, W6RRN / BB - 448.740 Mhz



Big Bear, CA - Altitude: 8600 feet amsl.



N 34 deg, 12 min, 47 sec : W 116 deg, 51 min, 59 sec (DM14nf)




  • The highest of the Rabbit sites, at 8600 feet is located at the top of the Bear Mountain Ski Run. Like Sea Cliff, accessability is very limited at this site. It is only available for 5 months of the year, from early June to late October (e.g. before the snow flies). The radio provides coverage in the Big Bear vacation area and coverage in the High Desert. It has two full duplex links and a four channel 2-meter remote radio. The UHF radio is a G.E. Exec. II providing 20 watts to the antenna and the 2-meter radio is a G.E. Delta-S set at 50 watts with both encode and decode CTCSS.







 Doug, WA6ATE during construction of the Big Bear Rabbit Radio


The tower on Big Bear is 110 feet above the mountian top, and is located at the top of the ski run.






The Big Bear Rabbit radio front view


 The Big Bear Rabbit radio back view








 Dick, KF6IQP with a link antenna mount that he designed NOT to break


 Chuck, WA6FGK and Dick, KF6IQP with the new ice shield and link antenna.





Big Bear Coverage Map