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Rabbit Radio - Palos Verdes, California





Call sign, W6RRN / PV - 448.600 Mhz



Palos Verdes, CA - Altitude: 980 feet amsl.



N 33 deg, 44 min, 55 sec : W 118 deg, 20 min, 10 sec (DM03ts)




  • At 980 feet on the north side of the Palos Verdes hill, this radio provides coverage of the greater Los Angeles area. It has three full duplex links and a four channel 2-meter remote radio. The UHF radio is a G.E. MASTR II providing 30 watts to the antenna and the 2-meter radio is a G.E. Delta-S set at 50 watts with both encode and decode CTCSS.




 Herb, W6RBW and Dick, WA6NSR confirming that W6RRN-PV is fully operationial with NO problems, AS USUAL.  Andrea, KE6TCO inspecting W6RRN-PV antenna installation.  Gene, K6TVE aligning link antenna to Chatsworth Peak and Big Bear.




Palos Verdes Radio Coverage Map