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Rabbit Radio, Thousand Oaks, CA




Call sign, W6RRN / TO - 448.600 Mhz



Raznow Peak, Ventura County, CA



Altitude: 1585 feet amsl.



N 34 deg, 09 min, 51 sec : W 118 deg, 54 min, 06 sec ( DM04nd)




  • Located at 1585 feet above Thousand Oaks California, it provides the crossroads for the Rabbit Radio Network and the Cactus Intertie System. It provides two full duplex links for Cactus and two full duplex links for Rabbit Radio Network. It also has a 4-channel 6-meter remote radio (e.g. lots of radios in the rack !!!). The UHF radio is a "G.E. MASTR II Repeater" providing 60 watts to the antenna. The 6-meter Motorola Mitrek is set to 35 watts.





 Those white 'propane' tanks in the background are WATER tanks for fighting brush fires;

Too bad the fire dept didn't remember that during the big fire that burned over the hill a couple of years ago !!
 Chuck, WA6FGK hanging in the air, pulling cables.







WA6ITE, Wally and WD6EBY, Paul supporting the radio !!





Thousand Oaks Coverage Map