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Rabbit RadioSanta Barbara, California




Call sign, WB6TZE - 449.000 / 447.220 Mhz



Santa Ynez Peak - Altitude: 4300 feet amsl.



N 34 deg, 31 min, 37 sec : W 119 deg, 58 min, 53 sec ( DM04am)




  • Formerly owned by Gene, W6YJO, now a silent key, it is now a part of the Rabbit Radio Network and serves a large part of Santa Barbara County. This radio is actually three completely independent radios in a single 7 foot cabinet.
  • The primary radio is on 449.000 Mhz, with 2 full duplex links and a 32 channel 2-meter remote radio. The second radio, 447.220 Mhz., is a complete repeater that can be connected to the 449 radio. In addition there is an "open" 2-meter repeater on 145.18 Mhz. that also supports RACES in Santa Barbara County.
  • The primary UHF radio is a G.E. MASTR II providing 60 watts to the antenna, the secondary UHF radio is a G.E. MASTR running 15 watts and the 2-meter radio is a G. E. Delta set to 30 watts.



  • The entire 7 foot rack (2 sided) was rebuilt during the Spring of 1999. It was finally re-installed in June 1999. Pictures below show the rebuilt rack, new antenna and a few of the Rabbits responsible.






KQ6NO beginning from the bottom up


 WA6COT is on the 3rd yardarm from the top





Chuck, WA6FGK Reinstalling Antennas



(A classic example of



'Horizertical Polarization')




The rebuilt rack being reinstalled.





 Duplexers, duplexers, and duplexers


 And even more duplexers






with a few power supplies thrown in



 Using gravity to do the work, our fearless Rabbits get ready to 'shove off'



Good thing the building was lower than the parking lot



Ready to catch a new rack. As soon as we move the tree in the way !!



A happy bunch of bunnies, if we ever saw any !!





Approximate Coverage Map for Santa Ynez